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We all wonder from time to time what it is we have to offer this world that is uniquely ours. We want to make an impact, but the path towards our purpose isn’t always clear. Here at Fruitful we believe in connecting you with your God-given gifts that, no matter what crossroad you may be at in your life, will help you make a difference.

Our intention is for Fruitful to be a place to inspire and spur fellow Christians to action. To share stories of how we are using our spiritual gifts to impact those around us. Each day is filled with a multitude of experiences and reflections; Fruitful is a blog where we are able to share snapshots of those moments and witness how our actions are all connected to an even larger story, God’s story. Please join us as we share testimonies from around the world and take our YourGifts survey to discover what spiritual gifts you have been blessed with and how you can use those gifts to make an impact in your daily life.


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