Built for Community: 5 Ways to Know Your Town

I love to travel.

I love to visit cities unknown to me and walk around—looking up at the architecture and around at the people going about their days. I love to visit the boutiques and try the local foods only found there. 

A change of scenery invigorates the senses and helps me to pay attention to all the beauty that can be discovered in a new place. 

I find it much more difficult to move as mindfully about my own town.

Let me offer a few simple ways to bring a spirit of exploration to your everyday hometown life.

  1. Know Your Local Coffee Place. Discover the origin story of the mom and pop shops in your town. Find your favorites and make friends with your fellow patrons and baristas.
  2. Take a Walk. It’s amazing how much you can see when you travel on foot! Who knows what hidden gems are waiting to be discovered? Murals, cool galleries, small businesses in need of some love. Also, walking is good for you—Treasure hunting and elevating cardio vascular health—enjoy!
  3. Know Your Neighbors. Maybe you live in a neighborhood where there are block parties galore. If this is true, attend the parties! If you are like me, and you live on a sleepy sleepy street where people go in but never go out—bake some cookies and make some deliveries. Offer to babysit. Wave when you get your mail. Who knows what kindred spirits you might encounter.
  4. Volunteer. Look for ways to use your spiritual gifts where you live! Do some searching and find out if your city has any volunteer opportunities. Do you love animals? There’s probably a humane society near your home! Do you love working with children? There’s probably a Boys and Girls Club or Tutoring center that could use your talent. Do you love food and festivities? Maybe there’s a farmers market or film festival that could use your help.
  5. If there is no party, plan a party. Do you ever find yourself dreaming about moving because you feel like your town is missing something you suspect exists elsewhere? Make your town a better place to be by working to fill the gaps you see in the community! Dare to dream about what could be and take steps to put it together.

You have something wonderful and specific to contribute to your community. Discover all the beautiful outcomes that can bloom from choosing courage and taking initiative!



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