About Six billion people lived before the 1990’s when I was born in Nigeria.

This gets me thinking every time I think of it; why am I here? Why me?

One day I placed an argument before GOD…

LORD if the 6 billion people who lived before me fulfilled your great plans for humanity, then why did You create more people after them like me?

HE said back to me…

I’m not a purposeless GOD, I just don’t throw some clay around the place, breathe into it and create people just because I’m bored and I’m GOD and I can do whatever I please. NO! I have plans for everyone I ever give life to.

Wow! That got me thinking.img_3005

I was puzzled and somewhat feeling special. But not for long. I had more questions for GOD.

But, you see, the key isn’t entirely in the questions you ask—although that’s the first step, the key is this: The sincerity, desperation and hunger of your heart to earnestly seek answers from God. GOD rewards seeking.

I love them that love me; and those that seek me EARLY shall find me. Proverbs 8:17

Emphasis on EARLY for the young people. You see the glory of the Youth (earliness) is in their strength. There is strength in seeking GOD early.

What joy there is in finding GOD and HIS purposes for our lives early in life.

GOD is not an “oops! I didn’t see him being born” kind of GOD.

HE told Jeremiah “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.Jeremiah 1:5

What a shock it would have been for Jeremiah.

Jeremiah replied “I am only a boy.” 

If only the world realizes that both young and old, GOD has appointed and chosen everyone for a special cause.

1 Peter 2:9 says “But ye are a chosen generation.” Like a box of pizza, representing GOD’s overall plan for humanity, we each represent the triangular pieces that make up the pizza circle. We are all joint pieces of HIS Divine plans. We compliment each other in our uniqueness.

Look at Moses; so much zeal, passion and preparedness gravitated towards anger and a bad temper. Little did Moses know that these were divine inputs by GOD to support his purpose of being the deliverer of Israel.

Never look down on what you’re naturally inclined at, whatever comes natural to you, or whatever drives your passion.

Where purpose is not known, abuse, misdirection and mistakes are inevitable.

Today, we live in a world dominated not just by evil people, but in my opinion, by misguided, misdirected, and ignorant people. People ignorant of who they are in GOD, why HE made them, why they are here, why they look the way they do. People who focus their GOD-given energies, passions and zeal to the wrong causes.

If only we would all yearn, cry out, seek and diligently enquire from the maker of our lives, through HIS manual of operation that HE gave us, The Bible, why we are here! What a life we would lead!

img_3262Like HE told me some years ago, “Freda you’re not born by mistake.” Like HE showed me why I am here, why I belong to my family, why I’m Nigerian, why I’m African, like He showed me what HE equipped me with for the journey ahead of me—HE will show you too!

 Jesus said, “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, FOR THEY WILL BE FILLED.” Matthew 5:6

FILLED! Truth is, GOD has all the answers.

I’m sure, like HE showed me who I was through the eyes of HIS Word, HE will show you too. HE will show you how YOU’RE NOT BORN BY MISTAKE.

No matter the circumstances surrounding your birth, that you took your parents by surprise when you were conceived, it doesn’t mean GOD didn’t know you were going to happen and didn’t have plans for you or didn’t put you in the budget for humanity.

No matter your family background, community, race, color, tribe, situation, you name it, GOD created you, put you in your body, put you in your community, made you talk the way you do and look the way you do, branded you with your gifting, potentials and abilities, for a PURPOSE.

In HIM you will find the answers to the questions that flood your heart even right now. In HIM you will find the meaning and the essence of your life. It doesn’t matter what words have been spoken over your life, it doesn’t matter if you were rejected by your parents, family, spouse, community or children. GOD needs you! HE needs you to carry out an assignment that only you can. HE made you. HE knows you. HE can tell the different names of the hairs on your head.

These aren’t times for us to give up on ourselves, or our children, neighbors, strangers, community, leaders, and even the church.

I believe that sometimes, even helping someone get back on the right track, releases our own destiny. Why? Because we’re love beings. Created for love, to love and be loved. When you’re stuck on not knowing what to do about and with your life, start loving. When you’re full of doubt, hopelessness, confusion and stagnation, start loving.

It might surprise you, that near the top of the list to love, is YOURSELF.

A lot of tension is released when we love and accept who we see in the mirror everyday. Who we are left with when no one else is around.

It all starts with this, and at the end you’ll see that YOU’RE NOT BORN BY MISTAKE.


FREDA ASHINZE was born in Delta State and currently lives in Lagos, Nigeria. She is a fearless, and dogged believer of living life on purpose. As a writer, host, anchor and Idea-driver of League of the Purpose Driven, Freda lives her life each day passionate about people—how to help them succeed and reach their highest potentials in GOD. She uses social media like FacebookTwitter (@fredaAshinze1) and Instagram (@fredaashinze@leagueofthepurposedriven) to express her gifting and engage in inspiring conversations. She has had the rare privilege of volunteering, serving and leading in various capacities across for-profit and nonprofit organizations. Freda is particularly passionate about young people, seeing them discover, fulfill and daily live out GOD’s purpose for their lives. She believes in seeking, finding and serving GOD from an early age. She’s passionate about peace and political stability across the nations of the world. She believes the Nations need to be filled with people who know and have a relationship with GOD, who have discovered and are living out their purposes. She’s also desires to restore hope to the hopeless and comfort to the needy. She serves with Project Give To Makoko, an outreach yearly to feed at least 1,000 children in Lagos’ largest slums during the Christmas season. Freda believes she was born for such a time as this.




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