Next Sunday is a day in the USA designated to celebrate the people who carry us into the world: our mothers.

My mother is creative and quick-witted. She is capable and compassionate. My mother challenges me to seek out the excluded, to stand by my word, and to hear others with as much empathy as I can muster. She leads my sisters and me with boldness and quiet confidence—teaching us to commit to believe in potential. She is complex and dynamic and has taught me so much about how to grow and how to love others.

I am so grateful for the mama that is mine!

Here are a few ideas about how to celebrate the mama that is yours:

  • Create an environment conducive to rest. So many times, our mothers prioritize the needs of others above their own. They are ceaselessly considerate of the tasks that need to be done in order for everyone to function healthfully. Help remove obstacles that exist between your mother and rest by working together as a family to take care of some life-maintenance tasks, i.e.: laundry, yard work, meal making, grocery shopping and more.
  • Make something together. Maybe a fun activity could be making something together! A shared experience often becomes a wonderful memory. It could be fun to make a fancy meal together, or go paint some pottery. Be creative 🙂
  • Plan an Adventure. Mark a day on the calendar and plan a fun day-trip you can take together. Maybe visit a local museum! Go to a baseball game? Go to the beach together! A day of fun that is marked by intentional time, and your mom not having to be the ring leader.
  • Put it in writing. Greeting cards are a Mother’s Day classic! Put a new spin on an old favorite and compile a notebook containing favorite memories of your mom as well as words of appreciation. If you have siblings, you can rally them and get them involved!

To all of you who mother, thank you.

You make our world a better place.

You teach so much about how to be loving people.

Thank you!


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HAYLEY SWAN believes the answer to tree swings and dance parties is always yes. She seeks to be a professional never-giver-upper, a forever learner, and an encourager of the discouraged. If someone was hiring for the position of Sugar Plum Fairy, she would apply. For now, she seeks to live a life that is marked by love and integrity and to find the sacred in the ordinary.



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